Characteristics of machinery industry

At present, many machinery and equipment industry only understand the promotion method of bidding ranking, and know little about other promotion methods. The cost of bidding promotion is very high, coupled with the rapid rise of enterprise human costs, enterprise promotion costs will continue to soar.

It is understood that the machinery industry has the following characteristics: 1, high price. Generally speaking of mechanical equipment manufacturers, people are easy to associate with the high price, so the general business owners think that mechanical equipment manufacturers can not do e-commerce, it is impossible to trade online. 2, the picture can not show the characteristics of the product. General equipment can not judge the quality or performance of the manufacturer of the equipment only by its appearance, and some equipment is large, the picture is not good to take, and the details can not be reflected. 3. It is not convenient to transport. Mechanical equipment is generally large, not very suitable for long-distance transportation. 4. There are some troubles after sale. After the sale of many devices, some offline services will be involved, such as installation, debugging, repair, maintenance and so on. In this kind of situation, the enterprise Internet marketing promotion is imperative.


What happens when the jaw crusher stops during operation?

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