Special attention shall be paid in the process of mechanical design

Pay special attention to the following points in the process of mechanical design:
1. Kinematic calculation of the machine: according to the determined structural scheme, determine the parameters of the driving parts (power, rated speed, conversion rate, etc.); Then do the kinematics calculation to determine the motion parameters (speed, linear velocity, acceleration, etc.) of each moving component.
2. Dynamic calculation of the machine: calculate the size and characteristics of the load and yield strength of the main parts in combination with the structure and motion parameters (torque, pressure, heat, etc.) of each part, and accurately check and calculate some important or complicated main parts with complex shape and stress.
3. Calculation of working capacity of parts: calculation criteria shall be reasonably formulated with reference to general failure conditions, working characteristics, environmental conditions, etc. of parts and components, generally including strength, stiffness, vibration stability, life, etc. The basic dimensions and material strength of parts and components can be determined by calculation or analogy.
4. Design of assembly sketch: on the sketch, the outline and dimensions of all parts shall be structurally designed, and the structure, dimensions, fit tolerance and other factors of all parts shall be well coordinated, and the materials, structures and processability of the designed parts shall be comprehensively considered, so that all parts can have the most reasonable design.
In order to meet the high requirements of mechanical product performance, computer technology is widely used in mechanical design for aided design and system analysis, and it is also very important to select appropriate mechanical design software. At present, the mainstream 3D design software in China mainly includes the following:
Solidworks: It is inclined to mechanical structure design. This software is easy to learn and has high drawing efficiency. In assembly design, new parts can be generated directly from existing parts. Whether the assembly design is carried out with the "top down" method or the "bottom up" method, SolidWorks will greatly improve the efficiency of the design with its easy-to-use operation.
Pro/Engineer. Compared with Solidworks 3D software, this software is slightly more difficult, and has greater advantages for some surface modeling and more complex structure processing.
UG (Unigraphics NX): It has powerful functions, can easily realize the construction of various complex entities and shapes, and provides users with digital modeling, verification means and synchronous modeling for product design and processing, so it has become a mainstream application of 3D design in the mold industry.
CATIA: It has advanced hybrid modeling technology. Whether solid modeling or surface modeling, users can easily and quickly modify products repeatedly under the intelligent tree structure. The advantage of CATIA lies in its pleasing interface, and its easy to use and powerful functions have strong advantages in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and other special industries.
Mastercam: It integrates 2D drawing, 3D solid modeling, surface design, voxel assembly, NC programming, tool path simulation and realistic simulation. The powerful and stable modeling function can design complex curve and surface parts, and the reliable tool path verification function can simulate the whole process of part processing. Therefore, Mastercam's strength lies in numerical control processing, which is simple and easy to use, and the generated NC program is simple and efficient.
With the increasing development of science and technology, the future of mechanical design will be towards the direction of intelligence, which requires the comprehensive application of theories and ideas of multiple disciplines. Traditional mechanical design relies more on the knowledge, experience and skills of mechanical engineers. In the era of intelligent big data, engineers can gradually use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud networking, additive manufacturing and other high-tech technologies to speed up the design and improve the quality of design, so as to better meet the increasingly fierce market competition. In the future, there will be professional, authoritative and standard design libraries required by various industries. Engineers can quickly generate design solutions by inputting design requirements together with parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods and cost constraints. Through continuous iterative learning of artificial intelligence systems, the design solutions produced will become more and more mature and advanced, and even some complex institutional forms cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing methods, However, manufacturing methods such as 3D printing with advanced additive technology can be easily realized.
Under the influence of various technological revolutions in the new era, mechanical design will become more intelligent and modular, mechanical products will be lighter and greener, and the possibility of mechanical design engineers' mobile office will be greatly improved. After the engineers communicate with the customers' opinions and requirements at the customer's site, they can open the AI mechanical design interface of the mobile phone on the spot, input relevant technical parameters and requirements, call the expert database by AI, conduct in-depth learning and exploration, and quickly sketch a conceptual design scheme, and further communicate with the customers. With the help of artificial intelligence and big data, the cycle of mechanical design can be greatly reduced, so that products can quickly enter the market!


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