Experience sharing of mechanical design and industry trend

At this stage, under the situation of continuous advancement of science and technology in China, China's industrial enterprises have been developing rapidly, and the corresponding industrial machinery technology has also made great progress. The development of science and technology has become an important guarantee for the steady improvement of China's industrial efficiency. Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology are the inevitable outcome of scientific development. They have been widely used in the production field. On the one hand, they can improve production efficiency and productivity, and on the other hand, they can well control production costs and labor intensity. The appearance of mechanical equipment has replaced manual labor, freeing people from heavy physical labor. Driven by the prosperity and development of science and technology, China's mechanical industry has made great achievements, especially since the application of automation technology to the field of mechanical design, the development of mechanical equipment has entered a new stage. Although China is a large mechanical country, it still has some shortcomings compared with western developed countries. Therefore, in order to better adapt to the development needs of enterprises, relevant organizations should pay more attention to the development of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation technology, understand their development needs and direction, and further promote the overall improvement of mechanical manufacturing performance and intelligence level.
The mechanical design and manufacturing process will involve the shape, size, material and other attributes of a large number of parts. The whole process is complex. If problems occur, mature experience and theoretical knowledge are required to solve and support them, so as to ensure the successful assembly, smooth production and safe and stable production of the entire mechanical components; In addition, mechanical automation is an inevitable product of modern industry, which has a certain degree of complexity and integrity. Mechanical automation can greatly improve production efficiency and efficiency by reducing the failure of production system by using the characteristics of unmanned operation such as sensing technology and control technology. Therefore, mechanical design and automation is not a separate discipline, but a product of the integration and penetration of multiple technical disciplines. Next, we will share more information about mechanical design for your reference.
The development of mechanical equipment is to meet the needs of people's actual production work. Its primary design principle is to meet the functional requirements of the equipment. The process of mechanical design is to conceive the working principle, structure, motion and force bearing mode, yield strength, part materials and overall dimensions, lubrication methods, etc. of the machinery according to the use requirements The working process of analyzing and calculating and transforming it into a specific description as the basis for manufacturing. Mechanical design is an important part of mechanical engineering development, the first step of machine production, and the most important factor determining the performance of the machine.
The main process of mechanical design is firstly to formulate design tasks according to customer or market demand; The third is the preliminary design, including determining the working principle and basic structural form of machinery, carrying out motion design, structural design and drawing the preliminary general drawing; Then several technical confirmations were carried out, including comprehensive consideration of working performance, manufacturing cost, size and weight, reliability, consumption and environmental pollution, to obtain the final optimal design; Finally, it is the design confirmation of engineering drawings, including the preparation of all engineering drawings (such as part drawings, component assembly drawings and general assembly drawings), and the preparation of all technical documents (such as part lists, wearing parts lists, instructions for use, etc.).


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