Mechanical equipment manufacturing solutions

According to the characteristics of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, provide mechanical equipment manufacturing MES solutions, including: production plan scheduling, process management, data collection, workshop site management, product tracking/logistics, quality control and analysis, equipment management, personnel management and other business modules, seamlessly connect with ERP, realize real-time collection and response of workshop production data, and thoroughly solve the problems of poor workshop information and difficult control, Greatly improve the achievement rate of production plan, shorten the production cycle and improve the production capacity.
Production scheduling
According to the plan constraints, the work orders can be sorted, and the tasks can be inserted, adjusted manually, and expedited.
Process management
It can define product process flow, operation instructions, assembly drawings, etc. The actual production operation shall be conducted according to the process guidance to prevent mistakes and fools.
data acquisition
Through scanning barcode, RFID, device sensor and other data acquisition modes, the production visual board is automatically generated, and the difference between the production progress and the plan is monitored in real time to follow up in real time.
Workshop site management
Field management includes production dispatching, commencement, first inspection, final inspection, material distribution and other management. Employees can generate dispatching tasks according to self-service terminals for work reporting, inspection and other work.
Quality control analysis
Compared with the standard process flow, error proof and fool proof are realized in the production process. Report and handle quality problems, analyze quality problems in the past period, and form various quality control reports.
Product tracking/logistics
Through SN information such as product serial number and material batch number, the production status, quality, process and logistics of products are tracked to understand the production status of WIP.
device management
Through the equipment interconnection DIP platform, the operation status of the equipment, the processing history, and the utilization rate analysis of the equipment are monitored in real time to provide a basis for improving the utilization rate of the equipment.
Personnel management
Personnel qualification certification, post management and control, and timely statistics of personnel performance.
In the production process, in combination with the production progress, equipment, quality and other abnormalities, the relevant responsible person can be notified at the first time and immediately reported for handling.
Scheme features
-Multiple data acquisition schemes: barcode, RFID, sensor, equipment interconnection and other acquisition methods can be used according to different on-site environments.
-Based on self-developed MC cloud platform: on the basis of industry standard modules, it can be customized by users, and it can also be customized in combination with actual industry characteristics to mine information.
-Mature industry package: has accumulated many industry application projects for many years, and continuously refined the standards to industry package, which can be rapidly implemented and deployed.


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