Mechanical equipment "physical examination" essential tools

If we do not feel well, we will go to the hospital for examination and prescription. Regular physical examinations are also carried out to prevent serious diseases. Mechanical equipment also needs regular "physical examination", the industrial field of production equipment types and quantities are large, each production link is linked, each failure of equipment may cause unpredictable losses to the production process and production safety. Therefore, it is very important for mechanical equipment to maintain "physical health".

So how is the mechanical equipment "physical examination"?

The mechanical equipment is composed of driving device, variable speed device, transmission device, working device, braking device, protection device, lubrication system, cooling system and so on. A mechanical equipment is usually composed of hundreds, even thousands of parts, these parts structure, technology complex, high requirements for materials and manufacturing accuracy, processing difficulty is also very great.

In order to ensure the quality of equipment, industrial endoscope detection technology is often used in the process of equipment manufacturing and maintenance, which will not cause damage to parts, but also reflect whether there is a big problem inside the parts. At the same time, it can also monitor the equipment in real time to prevent the adverse consequences caused by product failure.

Industrial endoscopy examination is similar to endoscopy examination such as gastroscopy and tracheoscopy commonly used in hospitals. With the help of special industrial endoscopy, the internal condition can be understood without decompressing the machine. It can be used to detect the main air flow channel parts of the engine, high pressure compressor, turbine wheel blades at all levels, die casting cavities and other parts that are not easy to disassemble and inaccessible to the human eye.


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